Author Interview: L.L. Thomsen

Last week’s author interview from S.L. Baron. It’s a great one!

S.L. Baron

  1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am originally from Denmark but currently live with my hubby and two kids (incl. 1 cat and a dog) in the back-of-beyond near the Sherwood Forrest, U.K.

I began my writing journey when I was called by the ‘muse-who-must-be-obeyed’ after the birth of our first child, but I think it started much earlier because already back in primary school, me and my friends would write stories, and later fan fiction. I have a habit of trying to do things a little differently, so I always put the best and worst into the melting pot, always striving to weave a guaranteed unique read.

At present time, I’ve yet to discover the truth about the Universe, but I do feel I sometimes comes close. As for life in general, it certainly wouldn’t be quite the same without Coffee, Chinese food, and candles.

  1. What do…

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